We keep the parts in stock and can dispatch right away, so delivery (also with DHL) would be 3-5 days. There aren’t any shipping costs as this is covered in the warranty. In terms of the repair procedure, we usually don’t encounter any problems since the microscopes are durable and reliable, however we do provide support should there be any issues.

We firstly provide live video support to establish what the cause of the problem is. The majority of queries are related to user error, but if the issue is due to a part that needs to be replaced, a new replacement part will be shipped to you by courier. We will also provide video support to change the part where needed.

If there is a major issue that cannot be fixed by replacing a part, we will source a microscope technician near you who will affect the repair at our own cost. However, we sell microscopes to our attendees all over the world and have not had this situation before. We also realise that practitioners become reliant on their microscopes when they use live blood analysis in their practices every day, so we will ensure that there is as little downtime as possible if anything does go wrong.