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The Live Blood Analysis Training Academy

The world’s leading training centre for Live Blood Analysis

Your Tutor – Dr Okker – Masters: Homeopathy (M.Tech. Hom), HID – Naturopathy (SNSH UK) Adv. Nutrition (SNHS UK), Adv. Applied Microscopy for Nutritional Evaluation & Correction (NuLife Sciences). Director of Neogenesis Systems.

Dr Okker.Botha is a qualified registered homeopathic doctor who has 20 years experience teaching and practising live blood analysis and is regarded as a leading expert in live blood analysis and darkfield microscopy.

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Live Blood Analysis

Buying a Microscope

The NGS2020 range of blood analysis microscopes that we recommend offer the best quality setup at the best price possible.

NGS2020 Live Blood Analysis Microscopes

Rife Technology

The Real Rife machine generates resonance waves that destroy harmful bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses, without causing any harm.


The NeoGen X-DI is a next-generation digital iriscope that makes taking crystal-clear, perfectly focused iris images a walk in the park

Metatron Hunter Scanner

The Metatron Hunter Scanner (4025) is an advanced non-invasive diagnostic device, that employs Bio-Resonance or NLS-diagnostics

Jewel Water Ionier

The New Generation JEWEL WATER SYSTEMS water ionizer for health-giving alkaline and hydrogen-rich bespoke water.