How Dr Rife’s equipment really worked has been misunderstood since the 1930s.

Dr Raymond Rife built the world’s most powerful optical microscope.

His microscope overcame the limits of standard research microscopes and enabled him to become the first person ever to see a living virus.

Dr Rife is famous to this day for developing a method using frequencies to devitalize disease-causing microorganisms.

He worked with many other doctors and bacteriologists and his microscopes and bacteriological discoveries were featured in many official medical reports and newspaper articles throughout the world.

Dr Rife’s engineer, Philip Hoyland, deliberately hid how the Rife machine worked.

He did this because Dr Rife had no patent protection for his discoveries.

The reason why Dr Rife had no patent protection is due to the fact that the technology he used in his “Rife Machines” was standard transmitting technology which was in the public domain. The frequencies he found were not patentable.

No frequency can be patented because they naturally occur in nature.

The only way to determine how Dr Rife’s instruments really work is by analyzing “Original Rife Machines” built by Dr Rife and his engineers.

This information is not based on supposition, but hard evidence.

The information we currently have which reveals how Dr Rife’s instruments worked was obtained from evaluating “Original Rife Machines” using spectrum analysis and oscilloscopes.

What needs to be determined is if an instrument cannot output Dr Rife’s original frequencies then is it really worth purchasing.

If a machine cannot output Dr Rife’s frequencies, which he used to devitalize or render microorganisms harmless, then how can it be a “True Rife Machine”?

What is important today is that we now know how Dr Rife’s equipment worked.

This was discovered by analyzing existing original Rife Machines.

People have believed for many years that there were no original “Rife Machines” that still existed but some of the original machines have survived.

“Original Rife Machines” have been hunted down so it is possible to find out how they really worked.

These machines also revealed the true frequencies that Dr Rife really used with his machines without which one would not be able devitalize or render microorganisms harmless

Three “Original Rife Machines” have been located and fully tested.

Scientists have been able to find out exactly how they worked and the frequencies that they used.

From the testing of these “Original Rife Machines” it has been found that almost all of the so-called “Rife Machines” sold on the market today are not using Dr Rife’s correct frequencies and are unable to produce them on their equipment.

Almost everyone is using the wrong frequencies!

It is regularly heard by people that they didn’t know that the instrument they purchased did not output Dr Rife’s original frequencies.

By the time they reach this understanding they have already spent their money and are stuck with a low audio frequency instrument that uses no RF carrier frequency and cannot output Dr Rife’s RF frequencies.

Without making the effort to obtain the correct information you can never choose the correct instrument to purchase.

We cannot stress enough the fact that you have to make the effort in order to make the correct decision.

There is a great deal of buyer remorse that could be avoided by understanding how Dr Rife’s instruments really work.

There were different styles of “Rife Machines” built by Dr Rife and his engineers.

These machines could output specific RF frequencies or mix two RF frequencies together to produce different frequencies.

One style mixed low audio frequencies with a single high RF carrier frequency.

These machines could be tuned to a specific frequency that the user wanted to output or they could output two frequencies simultaneously which would produce other frequencies known as harmonic sideband frequencies.

When a single frequency was used it made it possible to determine the exact frequency for each organism.

These were considered laboratory machines. The Rife Ray #1, #2, #3, and #4 had this dual capability.

The most effective machine ever built was the Rife Ray #5 or 1936/1939 Beam Ray Clinical instrument.

This Beam Ray Clinical instrument worked on a two frequency method and its circuit design was a M.O.P.A. (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier).

It worked on harmonic sidebands and only worked on the two frequency method. Dr Rife’s engineer, Philip Hoyland built this Beam Ray Clinical instrument.

Dr Rife did not like using this two frequency method at first but later embraced it after he fully tested it in his laboratory and found that it devitalized the microorganisms.

It was this 1936/1939 Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical instrument which was the inspiration for all the modern “Rife Machines” built today.

Up until 2010 no one knew how this instrument really worked and many modern versions of this style of the instrument have been manufactured upon the wrong principles.

This is because the harmonic sideband method that Philip Hoyland used to produce Dr Rife’s frequencies in this instrument was not understood.

The consequence of this is that there are dozens of less effective instruments on the market that are being called “Rife Machines.”

Many of these instruments seem to work OK but they will not produce the results that are talked about by the doctors who used Dr Rife’s original equipment.

In order for you to make the correct decision on which instrument you may want to purchase you first have to know if the frequency generator, or so-called “Rife Machine”, you are looking at can correctly output a single frequency and also output the harmonic sideband method used in the 1936/1939 Rife Ray #5 built by Philip Hoyland.

You also have to make sure that the frequency generator that you purchase can output, with sufficient power, a specific frequency in the correct frequency range that Dr Rife used.

Then, and only then, can anyone make the right choice about which machine would be the best to purchase.

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