Many practitioners use this as their main assessment technique when working with their clients. It is a feasible business in itself, since there are a large number of imbalances that can be detected in the blood, and most can be managed by the practitioner using specific herbal supplements and dietary & lifestyle changes. It also complements any other natural health modality, including other types of tests and treatments, nutrition, detox treatments, etc, so it can easily be combined with other modalities.

Cancer cells can’t be detected in the blood since they are usually in very low percentages, even in advanced forms of cancer. However, there are signs in the live and dry blood that indicate cancer risk, so it is something we consider when those signs are observed during an analysis. In these cases further tests are required to confirm a diagnosis. These anomalies can also be used to assess the progress during treatment in cancer cases.

Our course is accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association – UK). There are no regulations internationally that stipulate what form of accreditation is required to practice LBA. As long as you practice within the normal scope of LBA and have a certificate to prove you’ve completed formal training there won’t be any restrictions. Currently with the CMA accreditation our course has the highest accreditation available for LBA.