This LBA training course draws from a variety of researchers, whereas other courses only offer one researcher’s view.

We cover live blood in brightfield and darkfield in great detail, as well as dry blood analysis.

The course is online, interactive, recorded and available any time which does away with workshops that require expensive travel and accommodation and where practitioners are left with just a manual and lacking important information with no back up or help when they start to practice.

No other course offers as much information and detail, plus a huge database of images and videos and charts.

Because the course draws from many researchers so you are likely to encounter a lot of information that is not covered in any other single course.

Our course attendees access their course materials from our Digital Chalk LMS (learning management system), which enables attendees to keep track of their progress, complete self-assessments and access a wealth of additional resources.

The manual is laid out clearly, with clear examples of anomalies in both brightfield and darkfield, and proven interventions to address each specific anomaly.