We usually make use of the products mentioned under the interventions under each anomaly in the manual. Many of the products used in the protocols are herbal products manufactured by Neogenesis Health, and are unfortunately not yet available in the US. We are working on getting the products registered in the US. We have sent a few shipments over for practitioners, and have not had any problems, except for a larger shipment that was denied entry into Canada. It looks like shipments that are small enough to be considered for personal use are allowed through, but if there are too many products to be reasonably assumed for personal use it becomes problematic. We do provide information on the ingredients / composition of the products so that practitioners can either compound or source similar products locally. The formulations are mostly along the lines of traditional Western herbalism, so it shouldn’t be difficult to source a comparable product from the ranges that are available in the US. We don’t make much use of SANUM products, although they are helpful in cases where improvement is slow with the standard protocols.